About Wealthy Hustler

What we’re about

Hey Wealthy Hustlers! As an affiliate marketer, I know one of the first things people do is look at the about page. I created this community/blog for people who have a dream of working online and want to achieve success.

My concept goes like this: I will lay out 100% free content for you to study; It’s up to you to turn the content that I give you into a success.

How It All Started

When we talk about the start of things, it’s important to look at the “meant to be” occurrences that started everything. In my case, the “meant to be” is Wealthy Hustler. Let’s fast-forward to the time I bought my first house. You see, I thought I had everything.

Buying houses and cars is a rush, but it soon wore off. My job got tiresome. Oh, and I was in debt $8,000 with the IRS. Whoops.

So with a huge bill on my head with the IRS, I needed to figure something out. I was a member of CPAElites (A very awesome forum for beginning marketers) and I just found out about OGAds.

I saw the potential in CPI advertising. The thought that someone only had to install an app on their phone to get my incentive gave me some very entrepreneurial thoughts.

I was also familiar with SEO but with the success of my last two projects I wanted in for the money. With my first affiliate marketing project being successful, I wanted more! This is when I found opportunity for steam games as a niche. I used the very own template I used with my Pokemon Go niche and banked $20 a day easily from that. But this still wasn’t enough.

I wanted to create something bigger and make more money. So, I did. I soaked up all the information I could about affiliate marketing and it still wasn’t enough for me. You see, I wanted to live, eat, breathe, and sleep affiliate marketing.

Just the thought of making money online sounds attractive enough. So, I set goals for myself and I opened up to my close friends and family. I’m sure glad I did, because if I didn’t, I don’t think I would have found out my Youtube channel was a success.

With this being said, my family and friends are the ones who inspired me to make affiliate marketing tutorials come to life. So, I created this vision and Wealthy Hustler became a reality. Since February 28, 2017, I have been posting high quality articles about affiliate marketing. My true vision is to help anybody who wants to make money online!