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Mangools Releases New Updates & New Tools

mangools releases new updates new tools

Halloween’s update from Mangools is jam-packed of updates and a new free tool that will certainly help digital marketers. SERPWatcher boasts an updated interface and more, while KWFinder added more to its arsenal.

SERPWatcher’s New Look & More

The popular rank tracking tool, SERPWatcher, had a recent makeover. With the new design, the whole interface is also vastly improved. Apart from the new eye candy, the company has focused on improving the UI and UX side as well. According to Mangools, the design refresh is geared towards the improvement of the user’s workflow.

The tool also added an updated CTR value update improvement. The change helps in leveling up the reliability of the estimated visits. A notable change is from the second-page ranking data. The numbers are now lower, hence showing closer to real-the-world data.

Mangools also introduced new keyboard shortcuts to improve the user’s workflow. They also implemented a keyword tagging feature, which allows you to add keywords to a tag while adding them to a list. Lastly, a new search field is available on top of the keyword list.

KWFinder Upgrades and Updates

Another popular tool for digital marketers is getting suited up for better performance. The KWFinder tool recently shared awesome new updates and overall improvements.

One of the very first updates on their list was to touch up KWFinder’s precision. Mangools wasn’t afraid to announce this on their blog:

The algorithm overwent a complete overhaul and is now even more sensitive for detecting grouped search volumes.


They also put out a disclaimer about historical data changing. It won’t, you don’t have to worry. The team mentioned that “the data will be calculated retrospectively” so rest assured that the historical data won’t change.

KWFinder Updates Keyword Suggestions

The problem with the keyword suggestions regarding sensitive keywords has been fixed! Ever since KWFinder has been relying on Google’s database to provide better keywords suggestions. One major downside is that they solely rely on that alone. Given those facts, sensitive keywords relating to drugs, guns, and other adult related topics are at a minimum.

This Google API structure has several problems and inconsistencies. A major problem is Google apprehending several keyword suggestions on neutral topics. KWFinder managed to fix the problem and introduces more keyword resources.

Lastly, just like SERPWatcher, streamlining the users’ workflow is put on a high-priority. New keyboard shortcuts are introduced to help with the most common commands.

Mangool’s Free Tool: SERP Simulator

Everyone loves a free tool, the Mangools’ team has graced us with a very useful one. The team calls it the SERP Simulator. The tool boasts a fresh new design that sets it apart on most free tools. The tool is based on the actual SERP, it also includes a heatmap and the option for title capitalization.

Last but not least, it is completely free, FOREVER! The team mentioned that “the tool is outside our paid packages and will always be free.”

These are some of the “Halloween Magools’ Update” that have been announced. For a detailed breakdown about the updates, you can read their blog. For more digital marketing hustling and news, consider subscribing to our newsletter.



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