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Facebook Introduces New Ranking Factor for Videos

facebook introduces new ranking factor for videos

After the recent F8 conference, Facebook has made swift changes with their video ranking algorithm. The social media platform has revamped how they determine and distribute all uploaded videos using their new guideline.

Facebook added the fact that they will be focusing on videos with original content. This means that they are looking to curb out unoriginal or re-purposed content.

In hindsight, the update is aimed towards videos containing memes and other stolen or repeatedly published content without the proper credits.

So, how do you rank your Facebook videos in 2019? Here are 3 tips that can help your videos rank to the top after the guideline update.

Create Original Content

Facebook has shown us lately that they do not like unoriginal or re-purposed content. If a content producer is involved in a sharing scheme or produces any other unoriginal content, then Facebook has announced that they will limit distribution to his or her page or demote your content from their platform.

For this very reason, we recommend that you create original content.

The platform is also looking to monetize original content from pages that are clearly not involved in the Sharing Scheme. So apart from ranking, creating original content will also help in monetizing your videos.

Make the People Stick Around

Another thing that we’ve gathered from the latest F8 conference is that Facebook is focusing on engagement time. The social media giant announced that they are most likely to rank videos with longer engagements from the public.

This means that creating longer videos will boost your chance of landing a great position on Facebook’s algorithm.

Produce Content that People Will Get Back To

Lastly, Facebook is putting more weight on viewer loyalty and intent. Here is one of the quotes from their blog post addressing this issue.

Going forward, we will add more weight in ranking to videos that people seek out and return to week after week.

Take advantage of this. Create great videos that would be divided into series. You’ll want your viewers to return or re-watch these videos at least on a weekly basis.

These new implementations are looking to benefit the original content creators of Facebook. They are now looking to boost original content and help great video makers on the platform to rank for a better position.

With this said, expect videos to be dramatically affected with these latest changes.



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