Law of Attraction Techniques

Learn every technique you need to know with the law of attraction.

Wealthy Hustler, the world is full of possibilities.

Endless chances to fulfill any wish that you might have. State your passion and - BOOM! - the universe starts working on it. Right away. Instantly.

What is it? Some sort of fancy magic, illusion, or just another example of New Age blabber? Nah, none of that. This principle is an infallible law that our world was built upon, and it’s called “The Law of Attraction.” And it’s the ultimate weapon for you to hack your luck.

Basically, the law of attraction is the mechanism that brings into our lives whatever we might be focusing our minds on. Every thought that flutters in your head, every desire that your heart holds dear, every dream, action, and emotion you experience is a little magnet that reaches out to its object and makes it closer to you. Combined, they have the power to attract whatever you can imagine into your life.

The good news is that, as any other law, this particular one has its standard ways. In other words, there are specific law of attraction techniques that you can master to maximise its effectiveness. Let’s take a look at this life-changing tools.

Law of Attraction Visualization

One of the classic ways to make use of the law of attraction, this technique consists of focused imagining of the thing you wish for. And everything that helps you to imagine it counts as well! For example, if you dream of living in a house by the beach, start by closing your eyes and picturing your dream home in your mind. Then draw it in details on a piece of paper. This law of attraction technique is particularly useful because it makes our desires feel as real as if we already have them. In turn, this brings forth additional “magnets” to speed up the process.

Law of Attraction Affirmations

Magic spells, mantras, prayers - what do they all have in common? Basically, they are all a set of words focusing on a single matter or object. Guess why? Yep, because this is another law of attraction technique.

By saying, writing or thinking something, we rewire our brains. We make our souls more susceptible to make the stated change. For example, when we pray for wealth, we’re making our mind understand that this is an important matter. Then, during your next meeting with your boss, your subconscious will whisper in your ear the right words to make you closer to a boost in salary.

Start with something easy. For example, in the morning, look into the mirror, smile to your reflection and say that “today’s gonna be a great day.” Repeat that a couple of times during the day, and see the world spinning around to make you happy!

Law of Attraction Moodsetters

We dance to the tune that’s playing. Simple as that. For example, if you want to bring more happiness into your life, surround yourself with joyful and energizing things. Music, colors, lights, thoughts, deeds - they all sum up to help you make the change you want to see. This powerful and simple law of attraction technique ignites a chain reaction which can turn your world upside down. Start with something simple, and listen close to what comes knocking at your door.

Law of Attraction Reminders

In the crazy rush of life it’s easy to lose track of what’s really important. Each distraction slows down the magic, so this law of attraction technique helps you to bring back the focus that matters. Set up a couple of notifications everyday, and invest a minute or two into meditating each time the alarm goes ringing. For example, if you dream of becoming a great artist, you could set up an alarm at 8 AM and 8 PM saying “Time for some ART.” Then, when the time comes, just close your eyes and think for a couple of minutes about the special place that art has in your life. This would be just enough to boost up your attract-o-meter!

Where is a good place to start?

The answer is simple: right here, right now.

Put aside all the routine hassle, breathe in, breathe out.

Your first goal is: clarity. Without clarity it’s impossible to imagine your goal or express your success in words. Without clearing your head and finding the exact answers to your inner turbulences, you won’t be able to use any of the law of attraction techniques described above.

Don’t rush the matter. As soon as the serenity steps in, you’ll see the picture in details.

You’ll understand what it is that you WANT, what you really WISH for.

If it’s a house, you’ll realize how many floors and windows should it have. If it’s a happy family, you’ll picture how many children you would want to raise. If it’s true love, you’ll imagine what kind of relationship you’ll share between your souls. Then these techniques will help you to make it true.

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