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Amazon Releases Amazon Spark With Huge Potential for Marketers

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On the 18th, Amazon released Amazon Spark, a new feature they’ve been quietly working on.  This social shopping feature brings together influencers, shoppers, and marketers in one image-style feed.

The top influencers on Instagram make 5 or 6 figures a post like Rachel Brathen who makes $25,000 per sponsored social media post!  Then Lyzabeth Lopez, creator of the Hourglass Workout, makes $3,000 – $5,000 per post on Instagram and $20,000 to $100,000 per campaign!  Even crazier is that Amazon Spark is set to far exceed those numbers!

A Marketer’s Paradise

Amazon Spark is a marketers paradise!  It allows users to make thousands of dollars off of simple Amazon posts in which sellers can advertise their products without being too “salesy.”  The goal is product discovery. The inspiration was Instagram’s shoppable photos and Pinterest’s image-based style: only it’s done better.

With Amazon Spark, users are encouraged to post stories, ideas and images of products.  People respond to this through making comments or putting a smile on it which is similar to the “like” or “favorite.”

How Do I Get Some of That?

To use this, you must have an Amazon mobile app, and it’s only available to iPhone users, right now.

The first step when setting up your account is selecting at least 5 interests to follow (found through the Programs and Features menu option) which match up with Amazon’s categories and more!  Other categories include more specific niches.

Amazon Spark Paradise

The next step is basic setup.  This includes notification settings and personal info such as your name.

The last step is to look at your feed!  It’ll be filled with plenty of pictures of products and other stories.  These stories are like personal product reviews.

The whole goal of Amazon Spark is to be more social and personal.

Know Your Options 

Sometimes the product being sold is simply a picture for inspiration.  This type of post is not outright trying to sell something.  For marketers, this fantastic!  Why? Because your consumers don’t want to feel pressured or like you’re always trying to sell them something.  Through this, you can build their interest in your products or your company and get them to like you, or in this case “smile” at you!

Amazon Spark Know Your Options

Shoppable Products

Amazon Spark Shoppable Products

Then there are shoppable products.  This is where you get your consumers to buy, buy, buy!

A shoppable product is like any other post there, only it will have a shopping bag icon in the bottom right-hand corner with a number indicating how many items from the photo can be purchased through Amazon’s site.  In other words, no more trying to purchase items or market items that aren’t ready to go!

Instagram vs Amazon Spark

Not convinced of the power of Amazon Spark?!  Still think Instagram is better?!  Amazon Spark exceeds Instagram in the ability to market as you can actually go straight to the product through the pages themselves.

In Instagram, you have to tag them then hunt them down.  Then often times you’ll search for days just to find a product that is no longer being sold.  As mentioned before, Amazon Spark is linked to the Amazon Inventory so that this cannot happen.

Be An Enthusiast Not Top Reviewer

Now how do you get good with Amazon Spark?  Become an enthusiast, not a top reviewer!  No longer will Amazon reward top reviewers.  In its push to incorporate more social involvement which is the driving force of marketing in 2017, Amazon Spark rewards enthusiasts and influencers.  Enthusiasts can even earn a badge which appears when they post to Spark or write product reviews!

Here’s the catch!  You have to be an Amazon Prime member to become an enthusiast because non-Prime members can only see Spark’s feed but cannot post or comment.  Keep in mind, Amazon is a marketer too: they’ll market to the marketers.

If want to use Spark and take advantage of this platform, but you don’t have a prime membership, you can get one here.

So what’s the goal?  

Amazon is trying to encourage product discovery.  This helps you, the marketer.  It does so by encouraging the consumers to discover your products and look at new things.

To facilitate this, Amazon is gaining the support of influencers by allowing consumers to connect with Amazon products via influencer posts across social media.  Do not doubt the power of influencers.  They are people with a huge following that could boost your business immensely should they choose to promote your product.  Now, Amazon Spark is bringing you closer to those influencers.  That is great for marketing!

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  1. Brilliant move by Jeff Bezo. Now he is on his way to have the first scalable, fully automatic, online campaign platform to generate word-of-mouth for promoting sales. Using Spark, Amazon can identify pretty easily and with high confidence level social influencers in any given vertical, target them incentives (e.g. discounts, free products or trials), encourage them to try out products and in return submit a social post. Word-of-mouth has always been the most powerful advertisement method and now Amazon is on its way to dominate it

    1. I totally agree, Ehud! I have a lot of hope for Amazon Spark and expect it to gain even more attention for Amazon and, hopefully, marketers, as well.

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