You can’t live at all unless you can live fully now

Alan Watts

Funny as it may be, most people don’t get this saying at all.

They think that the whole point lays in the “live FULLY” part, meaning that if you can’t hustle 24/7 all around, fulfilling all your whims and desires with a single gesture, you’re not actually living.

Oh, how wrong they are.

By saying “live FULLY NOW” Alan Watts emphasized the importance of the FULLY NOW part. The present. The very moment of the actual happening.

Most of us mortals spend a huge amount of time either dwelling among memories of the past or envisioning an unreachable and dreamy future full of victories and accomplishments. The catch here is that both paradigms are absolutely non-existent.

You are not in the past, and you are not in the future (hell, you may never make it there in the first place, life is a cruel thing). You are right here, right now, and this is the only life you have!

If you don’t live the moment, regardless of how sweet or bitter it is, you don’t live at all. You give up your own life for the fleeting existence of a ghostly duplicate of yourself, roaming the domains of days long gone or ages yet to be.

Don’t indulge in the temptation, escapism never brings forth success. Instead, stay strong and follow the LIVE FULLY NOW Alan Watts principle. Embrace whatever comes your way instead of cowardly running to your childhood memories or dreams of starting a new life (on Monday, as always).

Realize the fact of your existence. Notice how much your body is doing to keep you alive right here and now. Observe the air moving in and out of your lungs, your heart beating the primal rhythm of being, your eyes constantly devouring the immeasurable amounts of data all around you. Contemplate HOW MUCH is being done just to ensure your ability to LIVE THE MOMENT. To live fully now.

Regardless of what your past was weaved of, regardless of what your future will turn out to be, this is the only way of really living in this world.

No amount of material goods, personal achievements, or social acknowledgments will change this fact. You can be a millionaire wasting most of his life grieving over a minor incident from his teenage years, or you can be a penniless wanderer enjoying the warmth of sunlight on your face, and greeting every single moment as an opportunity to celebrate the magnificence of life itself.

The choice is yours, but take just one more detail into account: if you live fully now, you are MUCH more likely to achieve success in the future. Why?

Because it’s only NOW that you can act. It’s only NOW that you can start a business, it’s only NOW that you can make the first step in the money-making journey. Next Monday won’t do, and that half-assed attempt three years ago is long dead and buried. NOW is your time.

Live fully now. Or you can’t live at all.


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