Zcash Foundation Announces $80,000 Grant For Purveyors And Innovators!

Zcash Foundation Announces $80,000 Grant For Purveyors And Innovators

If you think that you have the next big idea for the cyptocurrency market, then go submit your entries for a chance to receive a whopping $80,000 grant! The minds behind the famous cryptocurrency Zcash, are looking to give away a massive $80,000 grant, for aspiring innovators and catalysts.

Intellects, innovators, and purveyors are all invited to participate in the ongoing grant initiative. Particularly, the Zcash foundation are looking for brilliant minds to help them advance their current Zcash blockchain platform.

So, If you think that you have the next great big idea on your arsenal then go for it! The grant highlights on the fact that anyone can pitch in some of their ideas for the greater good of the community.

About The Zcash Foundation

Zcash manages a blog for their overall performance and updates. On March 17 this year, they announced the “Zcash Foundation”, which is in charge of the $80,000 grant initiative. The Zcash Foundation, according to the blog, has the mission to “give every person in the world economic freedom — to do for cooperation what the Internet did for communication.”

Looking further in the establishment of the Zcash Foundation, at first, it was actually introduced as a startup project.

More on the Zcash Foundation Grant Program

According to their call for proposals, which was published on Github, “The scope of activities is broad, and can include: software development (e.g., wallet software, libraries, etc.), infrastructure development and maintenance (e.g., hosting forums and block explorer services, etc.), education and outreach, science and research, and many more.”

Interested applicants can pass their proposed files here. The filing deadline for all entries is at the fifteenth of September 2017. A public discussion board is also added via the comment section to help regulate, support, and critique the entries for suggestions and further improvements.

All entries are expected to be sifted and reviewed by the Grant Review Committee, which includes Alex Biryukov, Eran Tomer, Gibson Ashpool, Vlad Zamfir, and Zaki Manian. If you are interested in participating, with this grant, some of the important dates you might want to remember or save are: September 15 which is the filing deadline, October 6 which is the submission deadline, and finally, November 2017, which will be the final funding decision.

Another hype, which Zcash is brewing for the public, is the next big software upgrade called Sapling. According to the team, “The Sapling upgrade with User-Issued Tokens will require a network-wide upgrade, and once we reach that stage we will name the new release series ‘zcash Sapling’. At that point, the infant zcash Sprout series will be no more.”

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