KWFinder Review: What You Need To Know

Am I the only one that has created a 1,500 word article over a keyword that was way too competitive to even rank for in the first place?! If you've done this, please let me know so I can feel better about myself!

​All jokes aside, I feel like this is a huge problem with beginners who try search engine optimization (SEO). Afterall, SEO is extremely hard.

This is because you can make mistake after mistake and no one cares! In fact, a lot of people quit SEO for this very same reason.

It's entirely up to you to figure out the right strategies, in order to rank your webpages. Thus, you are the decision maker, when it comes to making SEO easier, and more importantly, picking the right tools.

So, if you currently suck or have sucked at SEO, chances are you didn't do the proper keyword research. Therefore, this ultimately means you didn't use or pick the right keyword research tool!

I'm sure some of you might want to know what the best keyword tool is, so you can make tons of money from your organic search traffic, right?

Well, that one is easy! Behold KWFinder: the tool recommended by the most successful companies of this era! 

  • SkyScanner
  • Adidas
  • Deloitte
  • AirBnB
  • Alexa
  • RetailMeNot

Before you write your next blog post or do any sort of keyword research, you should really read this KWFinder review we put together for you. I say this because we constantly find ourselves using Mangools (the creator of KWFinder and Serpwatcher) on a day-to-day basis. 

We will also get into the importance of long-tail keywords, and discuss how KWFinder helps you to locate the specific keyword options that will set you up for success.

There's a few things I need to cover and those are:​

  • What are Keywords?
  • The Importance of Long-Tail Keywords

If you know a lot about keywords already and don't want to see a brief overview of them, click here to scroll down to the actual KWFinder review :)! If you're smart and decided you want to use KWFinder but want a discount, refer to this section here to find information about the deal I scored us all!


What are Keywords?

kwfinder review keywords are like oil

If you are still confused about the concept of keywords, this section will clear your doubts.

Think of keywords as oil. The oil reserves (most abundant places for oil) are the good keywords for your niche. The more you "drill" (optimize) for "oil" (good keywords), the more you are able to make money!

To go on further with my analogy, to get the most quality of oil (good keywords), you need the proper tools. In this case, we will use KWFinder as our oil rig!​

​Every topic and every niche has its own set of important keywords; important in the sense that those keywords are the most frequently entered ones in the search engine to access the respective topic or niche.

Now when we talk about SEO, it is all about putting this set of keywords in action on your webpages, image information, video information, etc., so that your website becomes optimized for the search engines (primarily Google).

Once your website becomes optimized, it will appear more frequently when a user searches for a particular niche query, which will lead to an increase in the click through rate and eventually bring more traffic to your website. 

The Importance of Long-Tail Keywords

KWFinder gives you longtail keywords

Of course, the types of keywords you use, not just the correct combination of words and phrases, will also help you to boost your SEO score. One of the biggest mistakes brands often make is ignoring long-tail keywords in their content marketing plan.

Let's say you're Mexican restaurant. Maybe you did a little keyword research on your own (before you read this KWFinder review.) You found out that "Mexican restaurant" was a popular keyword, so you include it frequently in your content.

But you don't see any change in your web traffic. What's going on?

Enter the importance of long-tail keywords and KWFinder.

As you probably guessed, you're not the only Mexican restaurant out there. And if you're not a popular chain, you're likely losing customers to the big guys.

These super-popular restaurants and chains also dominate the most popular keywords. This means that there's not much of a chance (at least not right now) that your target market will make it to your site. This is because the Taco Bells and Chipotles of the world will be the entire first page of results on vague, short-tail keywords.

This is where location-based marketing comes in. You need to include long-tail keywords that include your location. These keywords are anywhere from 3-5 words.

So, your new keyword might be something like "best Mexican restaurant near me" or "best Mexican restaurant Seattle."

Now, the people who are the most likely to eat or order from your restaurant, or visit your website, will be able to find you. And you won't be competing with the chains. It's a hyper-targeted way to connect with your market.

So, where can you find these coveted keywords? Ahem... kwfinder!

Where Does KWFinder Fit In The SEO Jigsaw?

KWFinder is the missing piece to seo

Search Engine Optimization can be a hard puzzle to solve for many. Luckily, with the right tools and a healthy supply of up to date knowledge (subscribe to our newsletter), anybody can solve this jigsaw.

KWFinder is one such tool. As we have discussed, keyword research is crucial to the success of your overall SEO and digital marketing strategy.

Over 90% of all Internet activity starts with an entry into a search engine, like Google or Yahoo. Don't believe it? Think about your own behavior when you're looking for something online.

Remember that 3/4 of users only look at the first page of search engine results. This means that not only will potential customers never even make it to your website, but they'll have checked out an entire page full of your competition.

But sometimes, even including relevant keywords in your content isn't enough to get you to the first page. You always need to be a step ahead of your competitors by finding that ‘golden nugget’ in your niche, and this is where KWFinder and its intelligent researched-based system comes in to play.

The KWFinder Review: An In Depth Analysis

As you may have guessed, Mangools' KWFinder tool is designed to help you to find the most popular keywords for your specific industry.

But it's about a lot more than just convenience. Its goal is to give you the keywords that your competitors aren't using.

This is so that you can completely dominate certain keywords and therefore, certain demographics of your customer base. Let's get into a more specific KWFinder review now, so you can familiarize yourself with all the awesome features it has to offer.

The Basic Features of KWFinder

First, here's a brief list of all the awesome metrics  KWFinder conveniently shows you:

  • Level of competition in pay-per-click advertising: This is excellent for advertisers to use on their behalf. Simply sort your keyword suggestions by PPC and KWFinder will conveniently display the keywords from least competitive to most competitive for PPC! 
  • Cost-per-click pricing: Just like paid-per-click sorting, you can also find the cost-per-click associated with that specific keyword and sort by the most cheapest keywords to the most expensive!
  • Accurate amount of searches per keyword: Yes, that's right. KWFinder will literally find and show you the searches per month each keyword gets. This metric is excellent and I personaly use this metric to find out which keywords are the best to write about and rank for. The last thing you want to do is have tunnel-vision over a keyword you didn't research, write a 1000 word article over it, and not see any results!
  • Social Signals: As some may know, social signals are a trending part of SEO. Mangools knows this and wanted to be one of the first companies to show their customers that social signals do matter.
  • Number of backlinks: Just like social signals, KWFinder will show you backlinks that are pointed at your specific keyword. Backlinks are a critical part of the SEO process.
  • Domain & Page Authority: KWFinder really wanted to make a dent with kwfinder and they show you your compeititions DA and PA.
  • Keyword Score: KWFinder will take the previous metrics (such as DA,PA,Social Signals, Backlinks) and show you an overall score for your keyword. You can use this score to determine wheter you should attempt to rank for that keyword or not. The lower the score, the better. I try to shoot for a score of 1-30.

The Main Benefits of KWFinder

In this section of the KWFinder review, I'm going to go over the main benefits of the KWFinder tool:

  • It Ranks Keyword Competitiveness And Search Volume
  • It Makes Suggestions
  • User Experience Is Intuitive and Better
  • Solid Customer Support

It Ranks Keyword Competitiveness And Search Volume

KWFinder Review Competition

The more information you have about your competition, the easier it is to outsmart them. Nearly everyone who has ever written a KWFinder review brings up the fact that this tool ranks keyword competition.

So, you'll be able to see if the competition for your dream keyword is low, medium, or high.

This is incredibly important to know for a variety of reasons. Now you can efficiently  decide whether or not to pursue a keyword before you sink half your marketing budget into it.

KWFinder also ranks potential keywords for you, which means that finding additional keywords has never been more efficient. Their system ranks these keywords from 0-100. The scoring is as follows:

  • 0-9: Go for it
  • 10-19: Super easy
  • 20-29: Easy
  • 30-39: Not hard
  • ​40-54: Possible
  • ​55-74: Hard
  • ​75-89: Super Hard
  • 90-100: Don't do it

Before finding this tool, I had to spend countless hours analyzing my keywords to generate a similar ranking system. Now, with KWFinder, all one has to do is click once on the keyword!

It Makes Suggestions

KWFinder review suggestions

KWFinder acts as your guide and your mentor. This is great, especially if you're relatively new to the world of SEO.

KWFinder doesn't just offer suggestions for similar, untapped keywords. It also gives you access to Google SERPs, information about domain authority, and even facts about social media postings.

Additionally, KWFinder has an autocomplete feature, which can help you to generate both long and short tail keywords (remember, you need to have a mix of the two.)

Best of all, KWFinder even makes suggestions for your keywords based on different countries and languages. If you're playing to an international market, this kind of information is invaluable and something your competition is likely to overlook.

Finally, if you're working within an industry or niche that's heavily influenced by trends (like clothing or even website design) you'll find KWFinder is especially useful. This is because it displays the most popular iteration of a keyword within the past year.

Keep in mind that you don't want to be using last year's keywords in this year's content!

User Experience Is Intuitive and Better

KWFinder review user interface is awesome

How many times have you navigated away from an otherwise authoritative website because the site was just a complete nightmare to find your way around?

User experience and ease of use matters. Here's where KWFinder really delivers. It allows you to save all of your keyword research as a list. If you need to step out in the middle of the day, no problem.

You can pick up right where you left off and there's no need to waste time starting your search all over again.

Additionally, KWFinder lets you import and export all your lists. If you're working remotely or with a team around the globe, this is an insanely helpful feature that saves everyone time.

Solid Customer Support

KWFinder customer support

The KWFinder team offers high quality customer support through various means: blog help articles, email response and live chat.

Their support staff is well equipped with the knowledge of their tool and try to find the most optimal solution for any issue you may have in using KWFinder.

Tip: If you want to view your keywords while in a live chat, you can drag and drop the chat window to the opposite corner.

We have now ended the first section of our KWFinder review. But there is still lots more to learn so let’s read on.

What About Google AdWords?

I know what you're thinking: If I'm trying to rank the highest on Google, wouldn't it make sense for me to use a keyword planning tool created by Google? Why is Trent giving me a KWFinder review?

Your doubts are justified. I mean, Google is the largest search engine in the world and has the best researchers in the whole world, scanning and studying data.

However, (this may sound strange to you), Google does not give an accurate day to day data report.

Here's what a lot of people don't realize about Google AdWords: it only shows you the search volume on a monthly basis. You know that the Internet moves at a much faster pace than just once a month.

You need an exact figure.

Let's say, again, you searched "Mexican restaurant" on the Google keyword planning tool. You'd only get a range of search volumes, which means it's hard to choose which keywords you should aim for.

With KWFinder, you see the exact, numerical search value of a keyword. So, instead of getting something like "Between 50,000-150,000 searches a month," you'd get "15,400 monthly searches."

This is why I am emphasizing on this KWFinder review as it will give you the complete details regarding this tool, without you finding yourself experimenting with the program for days.

KWFinder Pricing and Your Free Trial

This is perhaps one of the important section in our KWFinder review, especially if you are bootstrapping.

KWFinder has three different plans and uses a credit system to limit the data request per day, according to the respective plan.

KWFinder review pricing

The FREE plan allows you to use KWFinder for looking up a maximum of 3 main keywords, 3 SERP lookups and 25 related keywords per day.

The BASIC plan allows you to use KWFinder for looking up a maximum of 100 main keywords, 100 SERP lookups and 200 related keywords per day. It costs 29 US Dollars a month.

The BASIC plan allows you to use KWFinder for looking a maximum of 100 main keywords / day, 100 SERP lookups / day and 200 related keywords / day. You can get it for 49 US Dollars a month.

If you are looking for some saving in either of the plans, use our discount code! This shaves off 20% monthly or annually. You can checkout the chart down below for more information.

Without Deal 🙁

$349.00/ year

$49.00/ month

With Deal 🙂

$279.20 / year

$39.20/ month

Unless you are an SEO wizard, you are definitely going to get to the limit of the FREE plan very easily. It is recommended that you take the BASIC plan if you are under a strict budget, but those of you with additional cash to splash should subscribe to the PREMIUM plan, which will allow you to go over huge batches of keyword research without worrying about maxing out your limit.

While the credit system may look like a drawback to some, it is worth noting that the credits get refilled everyday unlike other alternative tools like LONG TAIL PLATINUM CLOUD, which give you a monthly quota that can be rendered useless if you get in to extensive research daily.

Some Social Proof of KWFinder’s Effectiveness

Well, while KWFinder definitely works for top brands, with unlimited financial muscle, you may be questioning its effectiveness for an ordinary website owner?

Let us check out what other users are saying about the tool after using it themselves:

great info about finding profitable keywords, our #kwfinder from @mangools_com can help you with a lot of these... #seo #Marketing

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If you are looking for the accurate and feature rich keyword tool. Then use #KWFinder, that is awesome.

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Forget the Google Keyword Planner. This @mangools_com tool is much better for research:

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Quick KWFinder Review: The Good and The Bad

Now that we have learned so much about the KWFinder application, let’s summarize the pros and cons of the product.

Usability(Ease & Use) - 10
Features - 9.5
Price - 9.5


The Good:

  • Best user interface in the industry for a keyword research software
  • Cloud based software – no need to install, access on the go
  • Great research by the company and proven data collection
  • Different approaches to collect keyword information giving you unique keyword opportunities
  • Trusted scores for keywords
  • Best customer service and support in the industry
  • Low cost and huge discounts on yearly subscription

The Bad:

  • Credit limit
  • SERP Checker tool not customizable
  • No multi-tab keyword support

Thanks For Reading Our KWFinder Review!

I am sure that now that you have reached the end of this KWFinder review, you must have had many ‘aha’ moments. I know I had them too. Who knew SEO could be simple and easy to understand right?

I hope you've found this KWFinder review helpful, and that you feel inspired to completely revamp your own keyword strategy so it will be much more effective.

Of course, keep in mind that keywords aren't the only thing you need to consider when evaluating the current impact of your overall SEO strategy.

If you want to make serious cash from the comfort of your own home, you'll need to look into things like how to master YouTube, marketing niches, and more.

Also, if you find that you could use a tool that tracks your search engine rankings, you should look at our SERPWatcher review here.

Keep checking back with us at least once a week for the latest in marketing guides, reviews, and everything in between!

Together, let's make this the year your site makes it to the first page of Google.


Trent is obsessed with making money online. Ever since he was a kid, he has enjoyed helping people. From Techie Journal to Wealthy Hustler, Trent is always online innovating his businesses. This blog holds a special place in Trent's heart. It is his online blogging portfolio, when it comes to making money online. He wants to prove that anyone can cut the traditional "9 to 5 job" and work online by being surrounded around wealth and prosperity.


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