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Reading the first part of this series is required before reading this. If you haven’t read the first part of this series, do it now by clicking here!

Now that you know how to find hundreds of niche ideas, we need to narrow the niche list down to a few low competition niches with high search traffic that are actually worth our time.

We want the low hanging fruits, so we as a CPA marketer can be successful and make more money online.

Think about it! Would you want to promote something that gives no revenue due to traffic? Or would you like to promote something with great results actually worth your time?

Pick the low-hanging fruits and find low competition niches!
Pick the low-hanging fruits and find low competition niches!

Surprisingly finding low competition niches with a relatively high search volume is extremely easy; you just need the right tools and you need to know how to use them. Some CPA marketers skip this step simply because they don’t know how to and choose to learn from experience.

Failures can cause many aspiring entrepreneurs to lose hope and quit. I see this as a big problem for affiliate marketers. So I trust in myself to give you guys the best possible information to hopefully lessen the errors within successful affiliate marketers.

Lastly, I have ran into this problem before, so this topic is really personal to me! This is why I am taking the extra time to make an extra-informative post, just so you as a person starting can not make the same mistakes I did. ?

I would like to mention that filtering out bad niches from good niches is a learned skill. If you take the time to learn this skill, it will be with you forever. You will be efficient within the CPA marketing business.​

I’m going to show you how to:

  • Stay organized as a CPA marketer by creating your own spreadsheet.
  • Find low competition niches with a relatively high search volume that is actually worth promoting.
  • Not make beginner CPA marketing mistakes.
  • Prioritize a list of niches and keep track of the best ones.
  • Manage your time efficiently, so you as a CPA marketer are spending your time wisely and effectively.

Organize Your  CPA Niches Into A List

As a successful CPA marketer, I cannot stress this enough! If you want to become succesful with online marketing, then you need to actually treat this like a business and keep detailed spreadsheets of everything.

I will admit, I am not the best organizer, but I make sure all of my data is recorded. The reason why I stress this step so much is because I am at a loss of money if I am not organized.​

You need to record everything. The best way to make improvements within your business is tracking your data. If you do not track your data, then how are you supposed to improve?

One of the best ways I like to track my low competition CPA niches ​is by using Google Spreadsheets. If you don’t have a Google account, then create one! 

Here is an example of a spreadsheet format I personally use:

{niche name}{Y/N}{Y/N}{Y/N}
{niche name}{Y/N}{Y/N}{Y/N}
{niche name}{Y/N}{Y/N}{Y/N}

As you can see, it’s just a generic spreadsheet. If you want to download this spreadsheet, you can do so by clicking here.

Quick Tip:

Don’t worry about the “Is There Existing Content?” We will get into that in the next tutorial.

Explaining My Niche “Filtration System”

I have been told that my system is very complex. This is why I thought it would be easier for you if I could explain how this process works.

First, I will show you this flow chart I have created. This is basically the ins and outs with my spreadsheet.​

This flowchart breaks down the niche spreadsheet into further detail.
This flowchart breaks down the niche spreadsheet into further detail.

First, we want to know if we have the chance to rank on Youtube first. There is no more important factor within this flowchart. This is because we will be using Youtube to promote our CPA niche, but I’ll show you this in my next tutorial. Therefore, I made this the first condition and it is the most important!

Lastly, we just want to double-check and see if this niche is actually getting searches from tier 1 countries and remains stable.

Finally, if all tests are passed, then you have yourself a good low competition niche with a good amount of search volume.

Now that I have explained how the system works, I’m going to go through a few niches on my list and show you how to find low competition keywords with relatively high search volume fast.

Phase 1 : Is There A Chance To Rank On Youtube?

Like I said in the previous paragraph, we want to know if we can rank on Youtube first. We want to know this because if you try and promote something that won’t rank on Youtube, then you won’t get any results.

Therefore, determining the ranking opportunity for your niche is extremely important This is only so you don’t waste your time! If we cannot rank on Youtube, then we have a bad niche and it’s on the next one!

Basic factors for ranking on Youtube:

  • Search Competition: One of the most important factor when trying to rank a Youtube video is the niche competition. This tool does all the work for us by analyzing how many videos are out there and how many people are optimizing their content towards the niche we want.
  • Search Volume: This is the second most important metric when looking for a good niche to promote with Youtube. You have to see if people are searching for your niche. If you fail to do this and promote your video, then you will not see any traffic.

A lot of people say to use old Youtube accounts. While this is true for SEO at a moderate difficulty level, this isn’t the case with really easy niches like we are about to find.


Wow, that was weird, I just threw a brand at you randomly! Oh well. One fast, free, and easy tool I love using to find low competition niches for Youtube is vidIQ.

The owners of this tool are very innovative and it shows you everything you need to know about how to rank a video on Youtube, including keyword competition and difficulty.

The concept of this tool is : the higher of score you get, the better of a niche it is. If it is a really low score, then you probably shouldn’t use that niche. However here at Wealthy Hustler we take that concept and twist it around a bit. ?

With vidIQ, I make sure that the niche has a relatively medium to high search volume, along with a relatively low difficulty metric. When both of these are fulfilled, you have yourself a good low competition niche with a high search volume!

Take a look at the results vidIQ returns when you look up any keyword on Youtube!

Check out the useful data vidIQ gives you!

Using this information we can determine what niches we have the opportunity for. Let me show you how to put this all into play, so you as a CPA marketer can find the best CPA low competition niches.

Now that I have told you what vidIQ is, it’s time to install this baby!​

How To Install vidIQ

  1. ​Open up Chrome. If you don’t have Chrome, install it!
  2. Sign up with vidIQ by clicking here.
  3. Verify your account via email
  4. Log in.
  5. Click this button!vidiq-button
  6. Press “Install For Chrome”
  7. You will be redirected to an extension install page.
  8. Install the extension

How To Use vidIQ To Filter Your Niches

Now that we have installed vidIQ, we can put it to use.

First off, you need to open up your niche list and start from the top. Open up Chrome and type in the YouTube search box: “{niche} hack”.

Please also keep in mind, the parameters you type after “{niche”} doesn’t have to be “hack”. You can use other words like: “free gems”, “cheats”, “coins”, “wall hack”, ect.

For this example, I have the niche “Marvel Future Fight” which leads me to a perfect way to show you an example of vidIQ finding a perfect low competition niche with a relatively high search volume!

Here is what I got with vidIQ:

Here are the results I got with vidIQ. This looks like a good niche!

As you can see, the competition is relatively low and has a pretty high search volume! My rule of thumb is : “if your search volume is above 10 and your competition is below 10, then you have a great chance to rank this on Youtube.”

The reason you should look for a niche that has a search volume above 10 and competition below 10 is because of how easy it will be to rank for this keyword. It is not uncommon for a niche that has high opportunity like this to be on the second page when you upload if you optimize it correctly.

However, don’t let my rules be your rules. Feel free to change up the way I do things. This is just what I found works best for me.​

Recording A Good Niche

In order to keep track of the good low competition niches with a high search volume, I like to color the row up to the phase I am at with green.

​For example: With this niche, I am going to color in the row, up to the column “Can I Rank On Youtube?” like so:

Recording A Good Youtube Niche

Now that I have shown you how to find low competition niches with a relatively high search volume, let me pop up an example of a bad niche.

Again, I am going down my niche list and I see “template run 2”. Let’s see what happens when I type in “temple run 2 hack”.

Here are the results I got with VIDIQ. This looks like a bad niche. THIS LOOKS LIKE A BAD NICHE!
Here are the results I got with VIDIQ. This looks like a bad niche.

Yikes, would you want to rank for this niche? I know I wouldn’t. This is because look at the search volume and competition. The niche barley has any search volume and the competition is at 55! That’s 5.5 times more than my recommended score.

To explain in further detail, even if we created a video or copied one from someone, took the time to optimize it, and lastly upload it, then we would be wasting our time!

Recording A Bad Niche

I like to be as simple as possible. I try not to waste my time and color-code with any other color for a bad niche. Instead, I just put a “N” on the “Can I rank On Youtube?” column like this:

Recording a bad Youtube niche.
Recording a bad Youtube niche.

Okay, so we’ve looked through a really easy niche to rank for and a hard niche to rank for. Let me show you one more example of a “mediocre/in the middle” niche.

This niche is on the bottom of my list, it’s called “Pro Series Drag Racing”. I’m simply going to search “pro series drag racing hack” and see what I come up with!

Here are the results I got with VIDIQ. This looks like a worthless niche.
Here are the results I got with VIDIQ. This looks like a worthless niche.

This one looks tricky. However, I would say it is not a niche worth ranking for. Why? Because think about your audience and look at the search volume. The competition rating looks promising, but with a search volume of 4 to me seems like it wouldn’t be worth it.

If you ever get a niche like this, please stay away from it and save yourself time.​

Phase 2: Does It Look Good On KWFinder?

Now that we have filtered out the bad niches from the good niches using vidIQ, it’s time to narrow our list down even more! It is our goal as an affiliate marketer to find the best possible low competition niches with some high search volume.

To do this, we will use KWFinder. As you may have heard, KWFinder is an excellent tool that can tell you some valuable information. So, why not take advantage of this data and double-check if our niche is as good as it seems!?​

​Here are the main elements we are looking for with KWFinder:

  • Location Search Volume: When promoting your CPA offers, you need to make sure you have the right audience that converts. Unfortunately, most CPA network advertisers make their priority Tier 1 countries. This means that if you advertise to an audience mainly in a tier 2 country, then you are probably wasting your time. I know this from experience.
  • Popularity/Trend: We need to be able to know if our niche just stopped trending, has just started trending, or always has always been trending. You need to double-check to see if the niche has some high interest. If the niche just stopped trending and it is crashing down, then you should ditch that niche!

How To Use KWFinder To Filter Your Niches Even More:

Now that we know what we are looking for, let me do a few examples to show you how to filter low competition and high search volume niches with KWfinder. You are only going to search the green highlighted niches. So, here is my current list that I have:

My current low-competition and high search volume filtered list.
My current low-competition and high search volume filtered list.

Below, I will show you what you need to do in order to double-check a low competition niche with high search volume.

  1. Go to KWFinder
  2. Where it says “Enter your keyword” , enter your niche with the word hack on the end of it.​
  3. Enter in the selected region as “United States”. This is because United States is a really good country to show you if a bunch of tier 1 people are searching for your niche! Your screen should look like this.KWFinder - Find Great Low Competition Niches
  4. Now press “Find Keywords”.kwfinder-next-step

As you can see, this niche shows more than 1,000 people are searching this particular term in the United States alone. It is fair to say that the search volume is above 1,000 + for this hack.

This isn’t even including other tier one countries such as: Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Germany. Thus, this should give us enough information to determine that this niche is good in terms of tier 1 countries.

Congrats! You found yourself a niche actually worth a f***. What you should now do is color your row for that niche all the way up to the “Does It Look Good On KWFinder” column like so:

This looks like a good niche. Let's record it on the list!
This looks like a good niche. Let’s record it on the list!

Now that we verified a good niche, let me show you another example. For this one we are just going to go down the list.

I am going to do the same process but instead, I’m going to search “roblox robux hack”. This is what I get:

KWFinder - Example of a bad niche
KWFinder – Example of a bad niche

This niche with the term “hack” at the end of it isn’t getting searched at all in the United States. Again, this means that the niche probably won’t convert well because it’s not that popular in a big area like the United States. Furthermore no one is searching the term “roblox robux hack” within a tier 1 country like the United States.

Therefore, by using this data, we can say this niche is not good to promote and we should focus on other niches.

Rinse and Repeat

Now that you have completed both phases on each niche, you need to repeat what you do over and over again until you are done with your list.

If done correctly, then your niche list should look similarly like mine.

Low Competition Niche Final
Low Competition Niche Final

Did This Help You Find Low Competition Niches With A High Search Volume?

Wealthy Hustler’s, it took days to write this tutorial. However, I wanted it to be the best for you because this is a very important topic. If I by chance missed anything, or you have any questions, be sure to go to my Facebook page and send me a message.

Also, I really would appriciate for you to spread this word to your friends, family, or forum community. Your contribution by doing this really helps out a lot.

In this next tutorial, I am going to show you the easy way of getting content for your CPA niche with the click of a button and how to promote it on Youtube.



Trent is obsessed with making money online. Ever since he was a kid, he has enjoyed helping people. Trent is also the founder of Wealthy Hustler and several other online businesses. This blog holds a special place in Trent's heart. It is his online blogging portfolio when it comes to making money online. When Trent is not working on his businesses, he is either helping clients, hanging out with family, or trying to change the world.

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  1. thanks a lot man , this is help me to create a shema about how to find gooood niche appreciate your work waiting for your next tutorial

    p.s : i read your resarch 2 times per day and every day i found that i missed something very informative thanks for the tools too

    1. Hey Damien,
      Are you sure that’s 100% correct? I am able to see the search volume and I am not a paid member.

      1. Hmm very strange , it is working now.
        There was maybe a bug yesterday , I dunno know.
        Let go to work . Thanks for all these tuts. Make an ogads serie and I will join under you bro.

        1. Yeah I think it was a bug, buddy! Anyways, I hope you can find low competition niches with this method!

          1. It is not easy , but I don’t give up.The only I have right now is the Marvel Future Fight. But I also didn’t check all the niches yet.

          2. Try and find a different niche bro 🙂 I could try and help you find a great niche.

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  3. Is really VidIQ a good tool for keyword research? Gives me different Search volume and Competition results all time time for a specific keyword.

  4. do you still use vidiq? I say this because sometimes I find games “with 10 or less” and “0 or 4”, but the same tool tells me that the keyword is searched for 10,000 times or more. I’m a bit confused as to whether this tool is still used correctly.

  5. Hello, Vidiq seems not to be working for me. I get this message: ‘Unable to get full results due to quota limits’ and no volume results. Help? 🙂

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