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What’s up Wealthy Hustlers! If you’re not familiar with this blog / community, let me formally introduce you! This blog was made for the people who want to learn more about affiliate marketing and what it has to offer.

One of the most common factors I see in my hustler’s desires is working from home. Yes, it’s everyone’s dream and believe me, you too can obtain that if you follow through with the many guides in my blog.

Working from home can be an excellent feeling. Does your boss treat you badly? Do you feel like you are worth more than $7.25 – $120.00 an hour? (Yes, doctors have quit their jobs and stuck to affiliate marketing).

I had an experience that really set it off for me to make the decision that I don’t want to be a technician all my life.

The constant bickering and moaning for help was so exhausting! I just wanted to work in peace for once and not have to fix situations and get a lousy underpaid check, while the big man at top is making all the money.

If you hate your job, then you can relate to this!

If you hate your job, then you can relate to this!

To prove that you can do this, I am going to break this article down to you step by step and show you how to get started and successfully work from home and earn money online.

I’m going to show you how to:

  • Get signed up with great affiliate networks
  • Break down why you should get into affiliate marketing
  • Get you motivated with this innovation
  • Show you the skills you need to become a successful affiliate marketer

The method I am talking about on Wealthy Hustlers is obviously affiliate marketing. Many people have heard of this glorious term, but the question is “What is affiliate marketing exactly?” and “How can I earn money online from it?”

Smart Passive Income

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s products.

You may think from this term that an affiliate marketer is a salesman. While that is technically true, it’s incorrect from my view. See, you don’t have to care what you are promoting mostly.

In fact, you don’t really need salesman skills.

Instead, all you need is a vision, skills, creativity, and time. Money also does help get things jump started and makes this process a heck of a lot easier!

Next you need to decide how you are going to go about this, and lastly, you need skills.

Getting Signed Up With High-Paying Affiliate Networks

As many people stress about this topic, do not let this get to you. Yes, getting accepted to an affiliate network can be a task, but you hustlers have to understand, this is a job. Just like any job you want to hire someone who will represent you right and not be a waste of time.

​So wouldn’t it make sense to actually try and put real information in your applications, which you then submit to the affiliate network companies?

If you were an Internet ad networking company, would you hire someone with little to no experience with affiliate marketing? No. We will get to this concept later, just keep this in mind! Act professional and be legit, chances are you’ll get accepted.

Mobile Affiliate Networks (Cost Per Install)

When it comes to choosing the right affiliate networks, all you need to do is know your promotion method. Do you want to target users on the phone or on the desktop?

I recommend my Hustler’s to start with mobile advertising. Why? Well because if you look at this demographics chart, you can clearly see that we are using mobile devices more and more each day.

Here you will see that the demographics for mobile phone downloads is quite high!

Here you will see that the demographics for mobile phone downloads is quite high!

This chart is a little off date but the fact of the matter is there are 2 billion phone users per year. During the year of 2016, it is important to point out that we have bypassed the desktop users with mobile devices.

There is a significant slope going up with phone users. Also, all the user has to do is install one lousy app on their phone and you get a commission!

Furthermore, the conversion process is 10 times easier. Instead of having a user complete a survey with CPA, all the user has to do with CPI is install one application.

The commission is a lot smaller, but think about the different opportunities you can explore with cost per install ads running on your site. The key to converting customers on your site with CPI is offering an incentive but we will get to that later 😉

Now, all we have to do is get accepted to the right network to get started earning money online!


I recommend OGAds over anyone. Why? Because they have revolutionized cost per install advertising . They are the best of the best and nothing is going to stop these guys.

They provide many tools for affiliates to use such as: captcha lockers, dynamic lockers, and customization lockers.

You can see this tutorial on how to get accepted into OGAds easily here:

Here’s a snippet from when I was making $10.00 an hour just with OGads alone.
Here’s a snippet from when I was making $10.00 an hour just with OGads alone.

Desktop Affiliate Networks (Cost Per Acquisition)

CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) Networks are a great source of income. However, I wouldn’t recommend this to a beginner who doesn’t know much about web development or converting because it’s very hard to do so compared to CPI.

With cost per acquisition networks such as CPAgrip and so forth, they are very high paying. However, if you can get no one to convert on your landing page, then you pretty much wasting your time. There comes a lot more thought process with CPA rather than CPI.

You have to show the user on your site that they should complete your survey to get what they want and it may require more web developing and customization to do this.

Enough of the negativity, you can do it! Like I said, I just recommend for the starters to start with mobile and get a feel of how affiliate networking works. Then progress to the intermediate stuff like CPA.


Just like OGads is with mobile advertising, CPAGrip is this way with Desktop advertising. They are the Gods of CPA and will remain the Gods of CPA because they are so far in.

Why? Because they make millions upon millions of dollars. All the advertisers go with CPAgrip!

You can signup with CPAgrip from here. You can see this tutorial on how to get accepted into CPAGrip EASILY.

If you are pursing web developer or know how to convert customers check out how much the earnings are!

Cpa Grip Earnings
Cpa Grip Earnings

Why You Should Get Intro Affiliate Marketing

It’s Easy

Firstly I’d like to point out that you do not have to be a “computer wizard” to earn money online from affiliate marketing. I know tons of people from the Internet who make more money than I do, but have had little or no experience with computers.

You can easily invest or use easy tools to do what a programmer could do with the click of a button!​

It is now possible to setup a website and landing page without one single line of code.

​Other than the expenses and talent, this professional is pretty darn easy in terms of time. All you need to do is sacrifice just 2 hours a day with your affiliate marketing business and you will do good.

In fact, affiliate marketing is so easy that all you do is setup a landing page, follow some tutorials, invest maybe $20 and sit on your butt. Only to wake up the next day looking at your computer screen and hearing the “CHICHING!” sound as a lead was converted.

I don’t know about you guys, but it sounds so beautiful to literally make money, while I am sleeping.​​

It's so easy to earn money online!

It’s so easy to earn money online!

Huge Opportunity

I see many people doubt affiliate marketing and this is a huge mistake. I say this because these people are missing out on a huge opportunity and it’s in their reach!

If I could compare affiliate marketing to anything, then I would choose oil. Think about. Oil was a brand new concept that was introduced and many people doubted it, yet it became a very successful subject to invest in.​

​The same goes with affiliate marketing. It’s a fairly new concept that people don’t know about and many people doubt it because they are not educated.​

But the fact of the matter is, there is ​excellent opportunity with this.Once you find the right promotional methods and implement the right marketing towards your landing page, you could notice your total earnings ranging anywhere from $500-$500,000 PER MONTH just off ONE affiliate marketing alone.​

There is a huge opportunity with Internet marketing!

There is a huge opportunity with Internet marketing!

It’s Fun & Healthy

Affiliate marketing takes loving your job at a different level. In my opinion, there is no other job that can beat working from home and living life on your own terms.

See, the fact of the matter is that you are your own boss. You get to : wake up when you want to wake up, go to sleep when you want to, innovate on new different ideas, make your own calls, hire and fire people, feel success​, and live a less stressful life!

Life is too precious to be wasting on stress and affiliate marketing is the deterrent to stress, in my opinion.

Affiliate marketing really can give you the opportunity of health.

Affiliate marketing really can give you the opportunity of health.

Finding Motivation In Affiliate Marketing

This profession can be a very happy one and a very sad one. It’s just like any business, it’s destined to fail if you do not have the skills or the right methods.

But the beautiful thing about life is that failure is success. You cannot learn without failing. Also, I spoon-feed you methods within this blog, so all you have to do is subscribe and you’re all set!

I can’t count how many times I failed as an entrepreneur. I had no money to invest, no skills, and not one single piece of knowledge with marketing. However, what I did is believed in myself and I was persistent enough to reach my success as an Internet marketer.

Fall down, get right back up!

Fall down, get right back up!

I talk about it in my youtube videos a lot but I can’t get passed this one event that changed my life. My roommate talked to me and said “Trent, I want to show something that is crazy but I think you will like it”. Well, me being the person I am, it blew my mind!

To make a long story short, my wonderful friend showed me the law of attraction. This law is the ability to attract anything that we focus on. This has been an ancient tale since the day of mankind and is often called “the Secret”.

It goes like this, negative thoughts attract negative actions and positive thoughts attract positive actions. Thus, if you truly believe in yourself and have no doubts then you can do it!

I thought it was bullsh** at first. I really did. But then I implemented this with affiliate marketing and it changed my life forever.

I visioned myself making more than enough money to support myself financially and work from home and the dream came true!

You can find some amazing law of attraction experiences here.

Overall, all you need to do is believe in yourself, learn more, and apply those skills and you could be a millionaire within three years’ tops if you truly believed in yourself!

Skills You Need To Be An Affiliate Marketer

No job is a piece of cake. Every job requires skills. Thankfully to the Internet there are TONS of tools which can make it very easy for a person to setup a website without having to enter one piece of code.

Many control panels for websites offer the 1-click wordpres install and all you have to do is login your wordpress, set it up, and advertise that website to get leads. It’s literally that easy, so I’m not going to cover too much on the development side of things for skills.

However, I would recommend for my hustler’s to know what a computer is! 😛 I will teach you in another tutorial on how to create a domain name and set that up with your landing page.

The skills I do want to point out are patience and persistence.

Please, for the sake of time bounce off this blog if you do not have patience or persistence, affiliate marketing is not for everybody.

However, if I marketed this towards you and you want to make a lot of money online, then I think you do have patience and persistence. I say this because one of the biggest things I see in entrepreneurs is innovation, persistence, dedication,and respecting others.

And not only that but it’s the stress management these entrepreneurs do to overcome their downfalls. Being an entrepreneur is very scary because you do have downfalls, you are not longer dependent off of an organization but you are making tons of money money!


To get back on track, patience is one of the core values I want to talk about. You must be patient when it comes to marketing a product.

You cannot simply just put a product out with your uber cool words and think those will get them to magically click your product and you make $1,000 in total commission.

No, instead you need to do competitor research, wait until you have enough money to invest, write and action plan, do keyword research, promote on social media,and find your audience, ect.

More importantly, you need to learn from your failures and truly believe in yourself and your success. From my experience, if you do not have patience, you will not succeed.

You  must have patience to be an affiliate marketer!

You must have patience to be an affiliate marketer!


Lastly, I want to talk about persistence. I came from a family of entrepreneurs and throughout our history combined, we have had 1,000s of failures before they became a perfect success.

​People will not convert on your ladning page. You may attract the wrong people or there may be an error on your site that you may not even know about, also, if you are a blackhat affiliate marketer, Google could deindex you.

What I’m saying is don’t let these failures define you as a failure. Read through this guide when you have a lot of time and truly listen to what I have to say.​

You need to have persistence to be an internet marketer!

You need to have persistence to be an internet marketer!

To conclude, your failure is my failure and your success is my success. I’m not trying to sound redundant, but I am personally offering you guys my methods 1 by 1. We will also talk about amazon affiliates as well later on down the line. We as a community will talk about affiliate marketing and help struggling marketers. Do what you can to prepare your mind, believe in yourself, follow my guides, and you will become successful.



Trent is obsessed with making money online. Ever since he was a kid, he has enjoyed helping people. Trent is also the founder of Wealthy Hustler and several other online businesses. This blog holds a special place in Trent's heart. It is his online blogging portfolio when it comes to making money online. When Trent is not working on his businesses, he is either helping clients, hanging out with family, or trying to change the world.

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    I am also in the same situation as you were, hate my job and looking to start up an online business.

    Just registered to OGADS through your referral core as per your instructions, please help me to get my account approved!

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